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The Latitude and Longitude and depth/time of the event will be recorded on a keep sake certificate.Many times families come back to visit the exact spot on a future anniversary date.The core of the Gulf Stream current is about 55 miles wide and has peak velocities greater than 5 knots or 6 mph. If a burial at sea event is planned within ten days time, full payment is required at time of booking.If an event is scheduled more than two weeks away, a 50% deposit books your day and time.

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Many have cash bars available, media hook ups and more. The general costs are described in the current pricing kit we send you and do vary by port. See also Cap Chats: East Coast Pricing Military honor guards are available for honorably discharged veterans (DD-214 discharge paperwork is required).We also offer a photo show option that goes live online for one year and you can also order DVD’s from it if you wish.This is a great opportunity to send to relatives and friends that may not be able to make the sea tribute event or to keep in your family album.Some ashes can become airborne forming a whitish grey cloud blowing down wind.We have also seen group scatterings where multiple people scattered simultaneously in a toast-like gesture using paper cups or silver ladles.

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