Intel me 8 1 updating tool

It's the SOL's equivalent of ME Firmware is divided into two main SKUs: Consumer/1.5MB for Consumer Systems and Corporate/5MB for Corporate Systems.To understand your exact SKU, manual research on your hardware may be required first.Usually MEInfo, MEManuf and All ME 8 and up firmware include a VCN number like 1,2,3,4 etc.

This can perform various tasks while the system is booting, running or sleeping.Since FWUpdate v11.x tool does not have a safeguard implemented to check between PCH-H and PCH-LP ME firmware, if you flash the wrong SKU you will end up with a bricked motherboard after which a SPI chip reflash is Make sure to mind the firmware PDM status which is distinguished between YPDM, NPDM and UPDM (Yes, No, Unknown).The MEI-Only Installer includes the "INF for manual installation" and allows easy installation of the latter. If the software and system services are required in case of remote management etc, users of such systems should install the equivalent complete Drivers & Software package (section A3).However, since we cannot always find the latest MEI-Only Installer, it is advised to use the "INF for manual installation" in case it's version is newer. The SOL "driver" listed above is part of the complete Drivers & Software packages found at section A3.

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