Im not dating him hes fertile

Unfortunately, with most guys, if you want them to get serious about you, you can't make everything about hooking up.If you do, they'll assume that's all you want, too, even if it isn't.Source: Shutter Stock I'll just say it: being too clingy or needy is annoying. One of my guy friends recently was hanging out with a girl he really liked... She wanted to see him every night, text all day long, involve him in major PDA everywhere they went... He felt suffocated and was nervous that things would get worse if they got serious.

Maybe you're scared to be vulnerable because you recently got hurt by someone else.

So, you insist to this dude that because you think it's what he wants to hear.

Months go by and you can't help wondering why he won't make things legit - until he does with someone else and then you're furious. If you're actively telling a guy you don't want a relationship, he's going to think you don't want a relationship!

Our relationship never went any further than a casual hookup situation.

I see this happen practically every day with different people.

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