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Description: Criminal procedure; sex offender registration; placement on the public registry; remove certain exceptions. or anyone who knowingly possessed child sexually abusive material. Description: Criminal procedure; sex offender registration; registration fee for non-incarcerated offenders; establish on an annual basis. Anyone who willfully refuses or fails to pay within 90 days is guilty of a 90 day misdemeanor. Last Action: 5/20/2015 – PASSED INTO LAW Requires a court, that assigned a person to youthful trainee status, to revoke the person’s status if he or she pleaded guilty to or were convicted of certain crimes. Last Action: 3/13/2013 – PASSED INTO LAW Requires Tier I registrants who have been non-public since 7/1/2011 to be placed back on the public registry IF their offense was against a minor… Last Action: 6/12/2013 – PASSED INTO LAW Allows, but does not mandate, the use of GPS devices for anyone out on bail for an “assaultive crime” which includes all CSC’s and other registerable offenses. Last Action: 11/7/2013 – PASSED INTO LAW Mandates that the state collect for an individual’s initial registration (already in the law) and once a year for the duration of the time each registrant is required to verify. I feel honored to be able to connect with people and get to know them - their hopes and dreams and what really moves them as well as the problems they bring.

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Some technology companies fear the bill could signal more efforts to tighten regulation on the industry.

Description: Criminal procedure; probation; GPS bail monitoring of certain offenders; allow. Payment can be delayed for 90 days if a registrant can prove indigence to the law enforcement office where they verify. Last Action: 12/30/2014 – PASSED INTO LAW Expands the adult set-aside law to allow for a set-aside of either 1 felony (and can have up to two 1 year misdemeanors on their record) or 1-2 misdemeanors, punishable by up to 1 year, and no felonies or additional misdemeanors on their record. Last Action: 10/22/2014 – PASSED INTO LAW Adds 750.449A(2) as a Tier 1 registerable offense… Description: Criminal procedure; sentencing; option of placing individual in prison under the Holmes youthful trainee act; eliminate.

Description: Criminal procedure; expunction; record expunction for certain offenders; expand, and provide for under certain circumstances. Description: Criminal procedure; sex offender registration; definition of tier II offender; revise to include crime of soliciting prostitute. no age limit specified and 750.462e(a) as a Tier 2 offense. Last Action: 5/20/2015 – PASSED INTO LAW Description: Criminal procedure; youthful trainees; revocation of trainee status under Holmes youthful trainee act for committing certain subsequent crimes; provide for.

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