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Needless to say, the preemptive shower is much easier and more effective when done naked.

And any bacteria, fecal matter, sweat, germs, etc., that get trapped in suits could be avoided altogether if everyone swam nude.

And if you don’t, a club member is likely to remind you because they want a clean pool. Most people seem to approach it with as much anticipation as a trip to the dentist, and with good reason.

Every spring, we’re surrounded by ads about how to obtain the perfect “bikini body,” eg thin, tanned and toned with no cellulite, wrinkles or imperfections.

They’re uncomfortable, tight and restricting before you even go in the water. now you have cold, sopping wet fabric clinging to your skin.

If you were swimming in the ocean or at a sandy beach, you’ve probably got some sand in your crotch, too.

When kids were required to swim naked at the Y, hygiene was the primary reason given, and it’s still a good reason.

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Swimming nude used to be the norm in ancient Greek culture. In America, nude swimming was mandatory and considered the norm at YMCA’s and in schools up until the 1970’s.

I’m not one of those nudies that feels compelled to be naked 24 / 7, and I would say that many nudists can’t be and don’t care to be naked everywhere, all the time.

(I’ve mentioned this before in the common myths about nudism.) I’m quite comfortable wearing clothes in the winter.

I get cold very easily and am grateful for the sweaters I have to keep me warm.

Though I’m not much into fashion or clothes shopping, I do like dressing up sometimes and expressing myself with certain colors, fabrics and styles.

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