How accurate is conception dating single parent dating holderness new hampshire

I realize its mostly speculation and only a DNA test will exclude me.

Are the noninvasive tests that swab my check and match it against fetal cells in her blood reliable? Hi, sadyear, the site is changing its display style, and when the new version comes up, it is very hard for me to fish up comments off the bottom of an 800 post thread. If you do, Med Help also alerts you to any answers.

(Plus I have always been told that because of metabolic issues, and PCOS that it would be very hard for me to get pregnant).

Anyway, not exactly proud of this, but I was with 2 different men in a two week time period.

I am hoping the first man is indeed the father, because we have been friends for years, and it would be alot easier to handle. I guess I just want some confirmation that these ultrasound dates are accurate.

The second man, however, I don't even speak to anymore. The ultrasound tech was amazing, and I feel like she really knew what she was doing, but I just want to make sure that these results couldn't be a whole 7-8 days off. I honestly don't know when ultrasound was done. Its hard for me to move with my life worrying about this.

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Since we already have 2 little sprockets our alone time is few and far between so I know the exact date of conception, however the date's of conception do not equal the date's of the dating ultrasound.DD1 came a month before my date and six weeks before my u/s date but she definitely wasn't six weeks early.Dd2 came right on MY due date, 10 days before my u/s due date. What are the chances of the dating scan being wrong?I know it's only a few days, but I want to know for sure.

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