Houston dating online

Run them through a reverse search in Google Images.You might get you more information on your date - or it might reveal that the photo belongs to someone else."This is advice I give to my 21-year-old daughter," she said: Look for red flags and details that don't add up.Use the site to talk until you feel comfortable enough to share your Snap Chat or your phone number.The "rules" are different, and so are the safety concerns.If you're trying to find a long-term relationship, the apps offer tips and tools for staying out of harm's way.Besides that, you get the person's full name - which makes them searchable online.

That means the photos you see are probably legit, because they're the photos users share with their mom, their best friend and their high school basketball coach.

Of course, people can set up fake social media profiles, too.

But by poking around a bit, you can get a sense of whether or not the profile represents a real, live person.

Grindr, on the other hand, knows its users are often looking for a "rando." It tells members to be "careful about revealing your identity" and reminds them that "a photo can't always be trusted." This is why it's important to be careful, Wright said.

There's a lot of talk about taking precautions during sex, he said, but meeting people safely should be planned just as carefully.

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