Hopes of mandating paid family days may lose to recession

To counter DFAs claims that executives are not being spoiled at the expense of DFAs member-farmers, plaintiffs attorneys quote descriptions of DFAs new headquarters in Kansas. When times are tough, DFA President/CEO Rick Smith likes to sent out a hand-written letter to members. Smiths letter paints DFA as remarkably powerless to do anything about improving milk prices three-plus years into the current milk price Drought. Regardless, FDA inspectors in January 2018 found melamine-contaminated Buttermilk and Whey Protein Concentrate sent to the U. Rabas finds a remarkable correlation in sires that have the Kappa Casein BB and A2 traits. Writer Jan Shepel details the success of a Chinese businessman Zhu Like. Zhu has built a network of 1,000 dairy stores in Chinas smaller cities.These stores are sort of like Starbucks stores, except that they sell milk and yogurt-based foods. Writer Jan Shepel details efforts by Wisconsins Ellsworth Creamery to develop markets for that co-ops cheese and cheese curds in China. Maybe because China seriously needs more dairy imports to meet needs.But in a separate matter, the European owners of several East Coast supermarkets chains have informed Dean Foods that theyll be seeking other suppliers of packaged fluid milk. A bad investment in a Chinese infant formula manufacturer and a huge liability for contaminated dairy proteins sold to Danone added up to a 8 net loss for Fonterra during the July-December 2017 period. DFA doesnt want to release data about top executives salaries and the profits generated by major subsidiaries.Thats the take-away from a March 14, 2018 filing by plaintiffs attorneys in the Sitts et al. DFA & DMS case now being aired in federal court in Burlington, Vermont. food processors import dairy ingredients from China? Writer Ken Rabas takes a long, insightful look at two emerging qualities for farm milk Kappa Casein BB and A2 proteins.If at least five teams participate, there will be a prize of 00 for whichever team I think does the best work.There might also be a prize of 0 for a second-place team if they do exceptionally good work, though I am not promising this.There might be a lot of debating, but it will happen on high-bandwidth informal channels behind the scenes and nobody will feel like they have tailor their debating to sounding good for an audience.I don’t know to what degree true adversarial collaborations are really possible.

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Picking up on Paris Reidheads article about low bio-availability of plant-based milk beverages, Pete Hardin suggests taking good science and communicating to consumers that these products are nutritionally inferior.

Jan Shepel reports on a presentation by Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection meat specialist Jeff Swenson, who ranged through a variety of subjects on consumer beef demand.

As 100 dairy farmers shipping milk to Dean Foods as independents count down that markets ending on May 31, most of the blame for that situation has been placed on Walmarts new fluid milk plant at Fort Wayne, Indiana.

If you have many opinions you’d be willing to try an adversarial collaboration on, consider posting the one where you disagree most with the SSC consensus, so that you have the most chance of finding a collaborator.

If you get many responses, please talk to the people involved, choose one, and mention your choice clearly on the comment so other people don’t keep asking. I’ll update everyone on the next Open Thread about the state of the competition, whether it’s actually going ahead, whether there are at least five teams, et cetera.

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