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The four main castes (in order of prominence) include: Many subcategories also exist within each caste.

The “untouchables” are a class of citizens that are outside the caste system and considered to be in the lowest level of the societal hierarchy.

For centuries, the caste system determined every aspect of a person’s social, professional and religious status in India.

When India became an independent nation, its constitution banned discrimination based on caste.

Nada Brahma is a primal word in Indian spirituality, a primal word that also refers to India's great classical music.

Since the most ancient times, music in India has been practiced as a spiritual science and art, a means to enlightenment.

In Hinduism, the sacred syllable Om embodies the essence of the universe - it is the "hum" of the atoms and the music of the spheres - and sound in general represents the primal energy that holds the material world together.Hindu worship, which is known as “puja,” typically takes place in the Mandir (temple).Followers of Hinduism can visit the Mandir any time they please.British India was split into what is now India and Pakistan, and Hinduism became the major religion of India.Starting in the 1960s, many Hindus migrated to North America and Britain, spreading their faith and philosophies to the western world.

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