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QUALITATIVE METER: Meter that relies on patterns of heavily stress syllables and lightly stressed meters. This contrasts with quantitative meter (below), which was common in Greek and Latin. QUANTITATIVE METER: Meter that relies not on the alternation of heavily stressed or lightly stressed syllables, but rather on the alternation of "long syllables" and "short syllables" (i.e., syllables categorized accordingly to the time interval it takes for the human mouth to pronounce the syllable).For instance, under this scheme, in English, the word a "short syllable." This label contrasts with the most common use of the terms in regular meter, which relies upon how heavy the stress is in each syllable. When a single, large sheet is folded once to create two leaves (four pages counting the front and back), and then bound together, the resulting text is called a folio.The purpose of the journey or aim of the mission may be to seek lost knowledge, rescue a captured comrade or beloved, dispose of a cursed item, or (most frequently) acquire some special artifact or important treasure.In the latter case, the special artifact to be recovered is often jokingly called a "Mc Guffin" in popular culture tropes.QUIRE: A collection of individual leaves sewn together, usually containing between four and twelve leaves per quire.This "gathering" or "booklet" of individual pages would then be sewn into the larger collection of pages to make the entire book.Eventually, the plays expanded in scope to include other Bible stories and were performed in the vernacular languages rather than Latin. Kolve question this theory, however, so students should take the argument with a grain of salt.These performances eventually may have evolved into mystery plays run by guilds, falling outside the church's control altogether. in order to save his or her people from disaster, and the narrative of that journey frequently becomes the primary plot for the work.

Thus, a quarto is a sheet of material folded twice, to create four leaves, or eight pages, which results in a medium-sized book.

As he sees it, in pre-agricultural societies that relied on hunting for sustenance regularly required boys and young men to undergo a similar experience to that of the hero in this motif.

They would have to leave the safety of mother, family, and tribe behind, arm themselves with weapons, and seek out dangerous prey to hunt.

They would serve as a model for the young hunters, and tales of heroic hunts would reinforce the necessity of such journeys in spite of the personal anxieties about injury, death, and isolation from loved ones.

Given the psychological and cultural weight of such tales, similar stories persisted through the agricultural revolution and the rise of recorded history, remaining central to our most important myths and our modern literature long after the original impetus faded away.

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