Herpes dating cnn

In addition, some performers opt for an additional panel of tests for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and syphilis. Ryan says in her eight years as an adult performer -- she has about five sexual partners a month professionally -- she hasn't contracted a single STD.

She says when she has sex with men outside work she always uses a condom.

While hooking up with a new co-star can provoke some anxiety, there's one thing they're usually not anxious about: getting a sexually transmitted disease from their co-star, since both get tested for STDs at least once a month.

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A bit awkward, they made small talk, spending an hour or so getting to know each other.The CDC has a list of clinics that offer testing for STDs by ZIP code.Chlamydia Often a simple urine test is all that is necessary; sometimes a swab must be taken from the infected area, according to ASHA."When I'm with someone new, my primary bit of nervousness is I have no idea if they'll like me, or be attracted to me, or be interested in me," Ryan says."It's sort of akin to a first date situation." But this wasn't a first date -- it was strictly business.

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