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If the new consent rules ask companies to reshape their data policies, the proposed fines give them the motivation to make it happen.Most importantly, the GDPR gives companies a hard deadline: the new rules go into effect on May 25th, 2018 — so if you’re not following the rules by now, you’re in trouble.Please read our cookie notice for more information on the cookies we use and how to delete or block them.

Services like Google Takeout have existed for a while, and smaller services like Slack are starting to roll out similar options to satisfy the GDPR’s data portability requirements.The result has been a mad dash to adapt current practices to the new rules and avoid one of those crushing fines.The most visible and immediate changes are coming in Terms of Service and other warnings.The press release and updated taxonomies are available on the FRC website.May 25th marks the first day of enforcement for Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation, otherwise known as GDPR, a set of rules that could fundamentally flip the relationship between massive tech companies that gather data, and the users they gather it from.

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