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Svoronos recognized some of those appeared to differ in diameter and set them apart in his catalog but the metrological study firmly established the aplustre as a marker for a specific denomination metrologically distinct from the hemiobols (4 chalkoi).The rightmost (uncatalogued type) coin on the first row has only recently come to light, uniquely depicting the long-haired horned Alexander previously seen only on larger denominations but here we see that depiction on a one-chalkous coin only 12mm in diameter (0.95 grams).The second row here shows the diobols and obols of the same weight standard, but which introduced the control letters to the position in the eagle's legs.That second row is made of three 'sub-series' which have the SIGMA/Shield at left, or the same with additional XAP monogram or SI letters.In his effort to carry out his mandate, Lee Wanta was imprisoned and the monetary funds that were his to distribute as planned were stolen or converted illegally by an organization known as the Federal Reserve System and used by them to this day.Later in 2006 a US District Court Judge mandated and ordered that these converted funds be returned back to Lee with interest accruals.

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The aplustre distinguishes the pentachalkon from the hemiobols of quite similar design.15.2gm) and an Alexander wearing elephantskin headdress 'obol' (ca. The coins we normally assign to Ptolemy I are shown in the top row.They lack control letters in the eagle's legs, the control letters and monograms are to the left of the eagle.It consists of only two coin: Sv554 (ALPHA/PHI control) and Sv564 (DELTA control - shown here), both diobols.None have central depressions seen on the later 'post-reform' series. The post-reform series (see below) appear to adopt mintmarks (club, cornucopiae, and/or monogram) with central depressions indicating a new method of manufacture.

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