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For some time prior to the actual announcement, fans were wondering where Sulli was.While idols sometimes miss a promotional cycle due to injury or illness, it is extremely rare for an idol to just disappear without any warning.Sulli wouldn’t be the first SM Entertainment artist to take a break from her group in order to focus on acting – Super Junior’s Kibum took a “break” and never returned to the group.Although he never officially left the group, or even really took off on his acting career, neither Kibum nor Super Junior were extremely harmed by his absence from the group.I also saw that Bora and Gu Hara is there with him, that's why I assumed that some of the people are their fans. We came to check your directing, we heard you choose your every outfit for this MV" I laughed and slowly turn confidently to show my outfit to them. I sighed and then immediately ran back to where I park my car, ignoring what my crew is saying or what ' A Style For You' crew is saying.I sighed because I know that I can't go directly to him right now, especially with the cameras since no one knows about my relationship with Oppa. I went inside my dark blue volkswagen and drove where ____________ run to. " "__________ I'm on the road you're on right now, look for my car." I said as I was looking at her with windows down.No more.” This post was on Amber’s Instagram, with a black picture.It wasn’t only Amber who had hard times working as a foreigner in Korea.

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Since I'm not sure how to do this fan fiction yet, I will follow your example first in creating a fan fiction f...

So if she decides to withdraw from the group, Sulli herself will be fine.

And the rest of the group, still filled with a lot of talent and personality, will also be able to function, especially since Sulli’s role in f(x) was never truly clearly defined.

Originally, Sulli was touted as the acting member of f(x), but since then, all of the members, excluding Amber, have appeared in dramas.

Krystal’s success in may have overshadowed Sulli’s own acting career, making Sulli’s role in the group a little bit less solid.

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