Heartbeat dating

Right now (October 2013) I’m living together with my Cantonese boyfriend and his parents.We are in the process of renovating the old family house for us.Of course there are exceptions to this rule, but most of the Chinese men out there date to marry They might start talking about it very early in the relationship in order to know if you have the same ideas about dating as he does.Usually if you meet the parents it is a sign of a serious relationship, probably this guy wants to marry you if things continue going well with you.In the lesson students talk about meeting a partner and dating, watch a short film, and read and discuss speed-dating questions.

This EFL lesson is designed around a short film by Meghann Artes and the theme of speed-dating.

Dating someone outside your culture, especially from such a different culture as Chinese culture is, it isn’t easy.

There will be hardships, misunderstandings and compromises has to be made, more than if you dated and married someone from your own country.

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Step 1 Ask your students to think of different ways of meeting a romantic partner. Step 3 Ask your students to say which way of meeting a new partner is the best and why. Tell them that one student should describe their idea of a dream date while the other student describes their idea of a nightmare date.

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