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According to designer Gresham Bayley, founder of the Bayley Group which designed Chill, the bar will maintain a constant temperature of -5 C.The ice-lined walls are designed to insulate five times more than the average building, and even more than most industrial freezers.Kimberly's Youtube Channel, "Ask Kimberly," has amassed over 40 million views and 550,000 subscribers and continues to grow at a rapid pace.In her signature cheeky-yet-informative voice, Kimberly offers bite-size tips on dating and relationships, and the compact format has struck a chord with young audiences all over the world.From a haunted ice house at Halloween to the North Pole during Christmas. ” Remarkably, Chill Ice House plans to operate on a year-round basis; as opposed to a seasonal schedule that would enable closing during Toronto’s frigid winter months.

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“We are designed around the need to be efficient.” Bayley has already designed and built ice bars in places like Dubai, and even an ice castle for Disney that was in Times Square last year.Kimberly's own practice as a relationship therapist focuses on counselling individuals and couples in their relationships.She focuses on trust issues, dating, marriage, parenting, confidence, work-life balance and finding love.As a spokesperson, she loves to represent respected international brands as a spokesperson including Tetley, Match.com, AMEX, LG Electronics, EBay, Kit Kat, and Microsoft.While speaking, Kimberly offers a fun yet informed perspective on relationships.

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    The Trump dating site, which incorporates the president's well-known hair into its logo, says it's "wrecking the dating game and giving like-minded Americans a chance to meet without the awkwardness that comes with the first conversation about politics." "We believe that, by matching patriotic and political viewpoints as a base foundation of the relationship, it will allow one to focus on what really matters – conversation, commonalities, and if all goes well, courting," the site states.

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    Word of Dante is stuff that neither the creators nor anyone remotely involved with the work has said is true about their universe — but everyone assumes it is true because an independent authority, scholar of the work, Big Name Fan, or the creator of an adaptation has said it — often with supporting arguments.