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Están allí porque Nick le presentará a su misterioso novio.A Harry no le interesa el fútbol, así que apenas y pone atención al juego, y por ende, no presta demasiada atención a los jugadores, pero en el medio tiempo, al conocer al novio de Nick, se llevará una sorpresa."o...Harry, helping out his coworker by taking her daughter to the library on a particularly busy day, runs into the funniest children's librarian that he's ever met in his life.He runs into Louis again a few days later, in a kebab shop after a night out, and then again at a wedding at work.Ever since it was merely mentioned that Harry Styles might be dating Victoria’s Secret model Camille Rowe, the fandom has been on high alert when it comes to evidence.

He had never realized just how much he wanted to bend someone over under a sparkling chandelier, until that night. "Harry es arrastrado por Nick hasta el estadio de Wembley, donde tendrá lugar el partido entre Chelsea y Arsenal.

But first he has to mention a not so minor detail before things get serious. (Title is from a song.) Basically Nick is absolutely in love with his boyfriend Louis, but can't figure out how to propose to him properly.

So he enlists Harry, and Harry's advice doesn't work out how he planned.

I can’t imagine him hating anyone.”--Harry works for Teasdale’s Magazine and his office window just so happens to sit opposite Louis Tomlinson’s.

But apparently, Louis doesn’t appreciate it all that much.

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