Hannah dating lewis

She hears moaning coming out of Laird's apartment and goes in to see Caroline in labor in the bathtub.Adam and Jessa later show up and try to convince Laird to take her to the hospital.

After returning to New York, she started substitute teaching.

"You string her along for months and then propose to her in some desperate bid to make it seem like you're not the most selfish person in the Western hemisphere," Ray says, telling Desi he will never make Marnie truly happy. She learns that she got the marketing- and social-media centric gig in Tokyo, at a company run by a woman played by 's Aidy Bryant during their earlier interview in New York.

When she tells her new instant-soup mogul boyfriend, Scott (Jason Ritter), he urges her not to take it and to work for his company and move in with him.

She's also still dealing with the fallout from her father admitting he's gay.

While that storyline didn't get much attention during the final episode, the actor who plays Hannah's dad, Peter Scolari, previously told that the show was at the right stage to do that.

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