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This general pattern repeats itself at the next bridge "Tadpole Bridge" with its "Trout Inn".We overheard a telephone conversation with the landlord "Yes sir, this is the Trout Inn, are you sure you have the correct one........The Millenium Eye is everything the dome failed to be, next to County Hall and the Houses of Parliament and its clock tower containing "Big Ben" across the river.comfortable if a little dull suburbs at Putney, Hammersmith, Kew and Richmond with its deer park edging the south bank and Richmond with the first lock, although the river is tidal to Teddington.Serious rowing is now the order and will remain so for many miles.

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Further on, the reconstructed Globe theatre makes a strong contrast to the brutalist concrete of the South Bank complex.

I would suggest doing the first section from the barrier (and the extension - which around Erith has the additional issues of isolation from view, lack of escape routes and proximity to a population centre ) early in the day and in company, taking particular care in the stretch just upstream of the "Cutty Sark".

I don't want to give the impression these places are dangerous, but I feel I should warn the unwary who may not be as streetwise as the average city dweller.

Beyond Oxford, with its college boathouses the river moves into a private land, soon the locks are manually operated (from Kings Lock near the "Trout Inn" which is well worth a visit as is the thatched "Perch" 800 years old and reputedly named "The Parrot" for the first hundred until the inevitable sad event took place, well thats what I heard...).

Bridges become few and are inevitably accompanied by an Inn, in the case of Newbridge by two, the Rose Revived, run by a major chain "Green King" thankfully with accomodation and the other "The Maybush" on the other bank, thankfully with good homecooked food.

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