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Worse…I'll share with you right now a secret technology, that tend to turn women on, and make them want you!

Most guys have no idea how to make women hot, wet and horny - desperate to get laid. Booty caller is a Powerful Radionic device designed to remotely influence women on an energetic level.

Booty Caller PROMust be 18 years or older to purchase this product It's no secret that most guys find women complex.

Most guys just don't understand women - and how they think.

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Welz found that if an object, such as a piece of paper or other material, is placed on one of his orgone generating devices, and an identical 'twin' of this is taken somewhere else (whether another room or the other side of the world), this twin will also generate a stream of orgone energy.If done correctly these methods leave no room for error and no chance of failure.Take important note: Booty Caller is a complete Radionics workstation design for remote seduction Booty Caller is connected to a powerful array of Radionics broadcasters.As he watched these, the cells in the other room showed signs of extreme excitation.This effect occurred even when the cells were 50 miles away fromrecognized the person, and even after two days from the time they were taken.

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