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Both peoples also have a relative conception of personal space – in Spain, it’s perfectly normal to greet strangers with the same intimacy as you might greet your mother in the United States!Nothing is more important than family Rajasthan, India. Spanish and Indian families are often large, loud, and extremely close to each other.A trip to Spain would be just as culturally rich, with the medieval Moorish mosques of Andalucia and the remnants of the Roman Empire in Extremadura.This also means multiple the number of regional festivals and fiestas!But then again, all desis have that in common; armed with our hot sauce, we're ready to take on the world. The institute is consistently ranked among top 25 management institutes and top 10 private sector B-schools in India.I spent my childhood in India, my high school summers in Oxford and Prague, the last three years in the United States, and a summer in Dublin.I grew up getting my hair braided in Kuala Lumpur, snacking on street food in Bangkok, and shopping for curiosities at markets in Cairo.

Similarly, a drive outside Mumbai would mean a switch from Hindi to Marathi, Gujarati, or Konkani.For instance, sobremesa – the period of relaxation after a meal – has no direct English translation because the concept is uncommon in most cultures.Just like the Spanish, Indians usually eat with family and linger at the table once they’ve finished.My Spanish host mother in Madrid loves to cook Galician-style octopus, just like my Indian mother in Mumbai whips up some Punjabi chicken tikka masala every now and then.Even the law shows that food holds a special place in Spanish culture: ever since the 13th century, bars and restaurants are required to serve food alongside drink.

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