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Is Post Back) otherwise you'll wipe out the new values everytime before the updating event gets called.

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I have a templatefield column and below the textbox of edit item template I have a simple label .

It'd be great if you could provide some sample code here. I am using the Row Updating event to programmatically update my database, but the new values are already gone by the time the Row Updating event is fired. I have found several forum postings detailing this but no one has posted their solution. Another way to get values out of the gridview is to put the interesting fields in Data Key Names, which can be a very ugly solution because the viewstate grows as a result of this.

If so, how do you know the control id if it's dynamically created? I am having the same problem, and it's not a boundfield or template field problem either as I am using both. This magical function extracts values from the datacontrol fields and puts them in an IOrdered Dictionay.

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