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The Winnebago hunted, fished, and cultivated corn, bean, squash, and tobacco.

Wild rice, which they had incorporated as a dietary staple, grew in abundance along the riverbanks.

They regularly harvested and cooked this, along with a wide variety of nuts, berries, and edible roots of the woods. The men typically hunted and fished for food, and the women processed game and other foods in cooking.

They prepared and made clothing from the furs as well as using other parts of animals for tools, cord, etc.

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The Grignons, Porliers and Lawes, who followed, brought Canadian-French culture with them.

After this, the French avoided the area for some decades, because of the intensity of First Nations and European conflicts in the east. A fort was added in 1717 and gradually associated development took place. As Great Britain took control of French areas during the Seven Years' War, known as the French and Indian War in some areas of North America, this town came under British control in 1761.

The French ceded their North American lands East of the Mississippi River to the British following defeat in 1763.

The first permanent French settlers were Charles de Langlade and his family from Canada, who moved to Green Bay in 1765, becoming the first European-American settlers in today's Wisconsin.

Langlade, called the "Founder and Father of Wisconsin", was an Ottawa war chief with a French father.

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