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|-------------------| Websites: - for this guide) - for this guide) - for this guide) - for this guide) - for this guide) - |-------------------| Users: -Carloravelli (Creator of this guide) -Justin Chamberlin (Police Cruiser, Moonbeam and Banshee) -Max Armstrong (Banshee) -Dan Glasser (Banshee) -Koolguy104 (Faction) -Coyote (Information on vehicles and what they are based on, screenshots) -problemchild045 (Information on Where to find) -Silvyrian (Information on what vehicles are based on) -Brendan O' Brien (Info on what cars are based on) -Chase Roberts (Cognoscenti) -fauxreigner (Answer on FAQ question) -scifigiant (Banshee) -JAKstriked (Mr. (Very common, common, rare, very rare) -Picture: If you can't find out what this means by the link then paste it into your webbrowser.Tasty) -Benjamin Levine (Information on what vehicles are based on) -deuxv (Answer on FAQ question) -Delta Logan (Answer on FAQ question -Koolkids2 (Corrected some mistakes for me) _____________________________________________________________________________ ----| Cars| ----| Finaly, we can check out which ride is the fastest and which SUV is made for escaping a police chase. -Info: I explain a couple of things about this car.So if you have gotten a 100% but still want to play, then try to find all the cars on the checklist!And to make sure you don't think it's copying and pasting, I hereby declare that I type EVERYTHING in this guide by myself.-------------------------| Version History & Updates| -------------------------| -1.00.0 Date: 16-MAY-2008 Info: First complete version Updates: *Ordinary cars section completed *Emergency cars section completed *Special cars section completed *Trucks & Semis section completed but might need another one *Checklist completed -1.25.0 Date: 19-MAY-2008 Info: Second version Updates: *Police Cruiser has been added *Packer has been added *Faction has been added *Phantom has been added *Mr. -Emergency Cars: Call 911 and you will see what I mean. (Sedan, Coupe, Convertible, SUV, pick-up, van, hatchback) -Speed: I give the speed of the car, by the way I think how fast it is.Tasty has been added *A motherload of mistakes has been corrected -1.25.2 Date: 20-MAY-2008 Info: Third version Updates: *Links to multiple hosts have been added -------| Credits| -------| If you get a credit, I will display your full name, or nickname if put. (Very slow, slow, average, fast, very fast) -Weight: How much does it weigh (Light, average, heavy, very heavy) -Rarity: How hard it is to find, with this I mean both finding it driving around, and finding it parked up somewhere.

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If permission is given, you may NOT edit this guide in any way._____________________________________________________________________________ Bobcat -Type: Pick-up -Speed: Average -Weight: Heavy -Rarity: Common -Picture: - -Info: Sporty looking pick-up.It has, just like in all GTA games it appeared in, got the word BOBCAT embossed in the rear.And please, if you think information is wrong, contact me!Also if you think you don't see a vehicle in the list, which you have driven before. -----| Legal| -----| This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.

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