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Juro solemnemente que mis intenciones no son buenas ✋🏼 CUTE AS A BUTTON, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU.Mi nuevo propósito de vida es caminar como Noodle en el comer...[HIATUS] ❝It is not wise to despise the snake for having no horns, for who is to say it will not become a dragon.❞ -Noodle, Gorillaz [Not a roleplay account, simply an account to show my appreciation... I doubt She would have an easy time finding a decent man (Famus by 10! Super soldier, killed soldiers since she was a pre-teen with the rest of the band, went to hell and back, and so on. someday she'll find the guy, or gal, right for her! Russel could work, but he is the father figure, Cyborg, could work, but It would be awkward due to the fact they share the same DNA, so it would be a bit like narcisim. Following 2D from Plastic Beach and continuing into The Fall, 'The Cynosure in the Offing' is about relearning yourself and accepting love in its various forms.Then again, that’s far from the craziest thing that’s happened in the Gorillaz universe, as we explored in a recent feature on the band.The two begin a "friends with benefits" relationship, sneaking into each others' rooms every night to have sex and sleep together.PTSD varies from person to person based on their experiences; I will depict the violent/angry side that I'm unable to explore in RL.

Especially @_Noodle_is_2Ds_Hoe_ she's been at my... You've pretty much told each other everything, at least you thought everything.What happens when you run into one of 2D's biggest secrets?Feelings unknowingly develop, and things become complicated with A misunderstanding.So if any one has a chance to fall in love and be a decent couple, it would be 2D with Noodle. For those reasons, I think 2D is best Suited for Noodle.

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