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Select an appropriate category for your posts, and leave comments enabled.Posts with disabled comments will be removed, and the member will receive a friendly reminder about the community guidelines.I really truly hate the new G , it keeps me from seeing important updates from my friends, like when they have medical issues that could be life threatening.At least Facebook has the option to view things chronologically, though you have to select it each time, but at least it's there.

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requests.add(new Request() Update Spreadsheet Properties(new Update Spreadsheet Properties Request() Properties(new Spreadsheet Properties() Title(title)) Fields("title"))); // Find and replace text.var batch Update Request = gapi.client.sheets.spreadsheets.batch Update().then((response) =let requests = []; // Change the spreadsheet's title. requests.push(); // Add additional requests (operations) ...const batch Update Request = ; this.sheets Service.spreadsheets.batch Update(, (err, response) =requests = [] # Change the spreadsheet's title.method lets you update any of these spreadsheet details.Changes are grouped together in a batch so that if one request fails, none of the other (potentially dependent) changes is written.

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