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In such schemes, sexual attraction to adults is called teleiophilia Definition is primarily an issue of theory, not merely classification, since classification implies a theory, no matter how rudimentary. (1984) used Latinesque words to classify sexual attraction along the dimensions of sex and age: Gynephilia.

The scales were developed by Kurt Freund and Betty Steiner in 1982.Harry Benjamin said in 1966: ...seems evident that the question "Is the transsexual homosexual?" must be answered "yes" and " no." "Yes," if his anatomy is considered; "no" if his psyche is given preference. "No" if reason and common sense are applied and if the respective patient is treated as an individual and not as a rubber stamp.Psychologist Nancy Chodorow proposed that the preoedipal moment of psychological and libidinal focus on the mother, which both boys and girls experience, should be called gynesexuality or matrisexuality for its exclusive focus on the mother.Following Hirschfeld, androphilia and gynephilia are sometimes used in taxonomies which specify sexual interests based on age ranges, which John Money called chronophilia.

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