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That's down a sad three people from the "Goldilocks number" announced earlier this year. because the lucky-number-seven study also reported that while most people miraculously claim to have had that exact number of partners, nearly half of all the respondents The fact that people lie about their sex lives may come as little or no surprise to, you know, everyone.

Perhaps more interesting, however, is that when it comes to the art of sexual deception, the research shows that men and women lie at It's 2016!

But while we may have a woman president come November, the study (and the rest of the world) suggests women are still afraid of being perceived as sluts.

According to the numbers, women are 5% more likely than men to decrease the number of sexual partners they've had -- while men inflate their sexual resumés twice as often as women.

Seriously, we've not been this divided since somebody brought up Lana Del Rey.

Or when we decided whether or not it's cool to eat noodles for breakfast (it's not).

Having this conversation is akin to opening Pandora's box. I mean, heaven forbid you or him have exceeded the 'limit'...

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According to last year's Great Female Survey and the Ask Men Great Male Survey, men and women couldn't disagree more.

Surely it's conducive to how long you've been single and it's also circumstantial – there's no timescale for when you should meet that perfect man.

Personally, I think wanting a man who's slept with X amount of people is ridonkulous.

So maybe it's enough to offer a ballpark number when asked -- and to only reveal the important stuff...

like whether you've got a recently clean bill of health.

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