Gino paoletti dating

Despite the fact that Palin has made her views on premarital sex well-known, a source says the couple has "talked about getting married but they think it’s a good idea to get a feel for living together before making it official." Apparently, Bristol believes her relationship with Levi could have benefited from such an experiment.It seems that the DWTS finalist Bristol Palin, 20, sure has been busy.(I will see if I can get reaction from her later.) So IS Gino the source of Bristol's growing baby bump or merely the person tapped to step up and take responsibility in exchange for a little spending money?I am not sure we will ever know for sure, but at least we finally have some confirmation that a baby is on the way, now don''t we?Gino told his then-girlfriend he was going to visit family, but when he got back to Alaska, he dumped his girlfriend and has been with Bristol ever since.

"Someone asked about her 'boyfriend,' and she turned bright red blushing!He helped Bristol sell her condo in Anchorage, and now he is helping her find a home near his in Arizona.They’ve known each other for years–and tongues are wagging that this is not the first time the two have reportedly hooked up.Apparently the experiment is part of that Bristol Palin reality show you didn't ask for, which will air on Lifetime.Palin and Paoletti, both 21, have been dating for more than a year and will be living in the Wasilla home Bristol bought last year.

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