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Her carriage is upright, and her movements are unhurried and graceful—her shoulders swing slightly as she walks.

Music, because it was math-based, and I was good at math, I wasn’t intimidated.” He and his friend learned “Heart of Gold,” by Neil Young.

The mills were textile mills, built on the riverbanks, and they had been allowed to become dilapidated.

Rawlings spent a lot of his childhood walking through them.

They came in second at the talent show, and the next year they won. When she came back, she said, “We’ve been here before.”Rawlings said, “Really?

”“This is the Denny’s where they had the film crew,” she said.“The photographer who took the pictures for our third record, Mark Seliger, brought with him a friend who had film equipment,” Rawlings said.“In case we wanted to make a video,” Welch said, sipping her tea.“They came with a 16-mm.

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