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This is a free association between collectors and lovers of antique silver.

This is very common in Atlanta homes, old or new – Atlanta seems to like its painted brick homes!

This beautiful home, designed by Louisiana architect A.

They are not old, but they have interesting shape and character.

It is stucco, which is very commonly found on French style houses in Europe (and America). It is my favorite material for the exterior of a house, and it is definitely a favorite in Atlanta.Although I marveled at the interiors of this home, what really stood out to me was the exterior, as this is on my mind these days. Larkins to ask about the exterior of his home, which looks like it is an older house even though it is newly built (a ‘new old house). Larkins told me that he used old brick on the exterior of his new house, then had it painted with latex paint (not too flat, not too glossy). Painting brick is a great way to get the monolithic appearance of stucco, or achieve a certain uniform look as an alternative to stucco. I recently emailed Lori, and asked about the exterior of her home.Lori told me that many people think that her home is old even though it is newly built – and she partially attributes that to the fact that she used hand made bricks in the construction of her home (as opposed to machine made).Perhaps more accurately, a home that combines some aspects of the Georgian that I love, but which is inspired by French architecture but does not slavishly emulate it.In some ways, what I like seems to combine aspects of both French design with perhaps a little English influence. However, what struck me even more was Stefan’s description: the house (designed by Paul Cret, a French architect), was built between a Louis XV house and a Georgian style house.

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