Gay dating for taboo

Novaya Gazeta, an opposition newspaper, first reported the pogrom, saying that at least 100 gay men had been arrested and three killed in the roundup. The sweep has been widely condemned by Western governments, the United Nations and rights groups.Activists in Russia have set up an underground network to spirit the victims out of Chechnya and to protect them from potentially violent reprisals from their families and others.GROZNY, Russia — It was supposed to be a night out.

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“But I didn’t tell them anything.”Gay men have never had an easy life in Chechnya.

Also, black culture is primarily patriarchal in structure.

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The victims use assumed names in their everyday dealings.

The following account is based on interviews with Maksim, who is in his 20s, and two other gay men who were detained by Chechen security agents.

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