Gay dating for older men

After a spin around Soho, I drop him back at the subway, and we exchange cell numbers.

By the next evening, I’m meeting him in Union Square for a date.

His confidence level is high, and he’s proven his value in the real world.

I’m riding my Segway home from a movie at 11 pm on a Monday night.

He might introduce you to his timeless favorites in music, movies, and cuisine, and you’ll add some spice, variety, and vitality to his established repertoire.

While your primary relationship is going to be with your man, it’s not uncommon to “inherit” some relatives and new friends when you date or marry someone older.

More than likely, he’s graduated from the playboy stage and is ready to share his life with the right woman.

An older man has the advantage of more life experience and the benefit of hindsight.

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