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Play as Sakura and use your charms to make either Naruto, Sasuke or Rock Lee fall in love with you!Visit various locations from the series, meet new characters and decide your activities for the day. On Funny you'll find the best collection of Dating games!Enter "sagara" to maximize your relationship experience with the girls.With this cheat, you will be able to build relationships with the girls much more quickly.Jimmy Edwards-Turner has been cartooning and writing since 2010.His work appears in "Talon Marks," an independent student newspaper.

Hi, Just Sponsered a "Non-Adult" dating sim: Name: Elliv Island Dating sim description: You have 100 days on Elliv island to find and date the perfect girl of your dreams.

They can help you plan the perfect date before you ask someone out in real life! The great thing about the titles in this category is that you can play for free online while trying to plan the perfect date.

To begin with, you should try Pico Sim Date 2, which is a great dating simulator.

Enter "hikarunogo" to maximize your stats and for near-infinite money.

Now you no longer need to train to build your stats or work to earn money. This is a good way to get a practice run, learn the answers to each girl's questions on dates and figure out which items are good for which purposes.

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