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Where soldiers stay overn Where some addresses come Where some are kicked Where some art films prem Where some bolts fit Where some Brummies find home in Glastonbury Where some buffalo roam Where some buns are made Where some cabins are fou Where some diggers dig Where some dye for a livi Where some eagles are see Where some errands are ru Where some figures are ma Where some hooks connect Where some jams are made Where some jets originate Where some jewelry is exc Where some leaves settle Where some losers hang ou Where some M. Where Starbucks was found Where stilts may be found Where stranded canoeists Where Stratford and Cambr Where streams flow after five beers Where streams run Where streets intersect: Where streets meet: Abbr. Where strikers go in game: areas around goals Where stripper may be about to expose top of thong?

Where snowbirds head, red Where Soave comes from Where soldiers go Where soldiers may be bus Where soldiers might be held up before their division? Where to find the songs i Where to find the Wienerw Where to find the Windwar Where to find today's special: fried luncheon meat (zero cal. A tip, so helping some travelling around Where to get bluepoints Where to get croquetas Where to get discount flo Where to get dizzy Where to get down Where to get fast service Where to get hitched in a Where to get in on the gr Where to get jarred Where to get littlenecks Where to get milk jug that's bottomless Where to get milkshake after tip-off Where to get off Where to get postcards Where to get rubbed the r Where to get scared Where to get Seoul food Where to get soaked?

Where Pearl City is Where Pearl Harbor is Where Peggy Fleming won g Where people arrive to sp Where people do stretches Where people get loaded o Where people might catch a live bass together? Where Sim Where Singaraja is Where singer Billy Ocean Where singer may be held by Charlie Parker, US musician Where singles congregate Where Sir Arthur Evans ex Where skates glide Where Skype was invented Where sledders start Where sleeves come from Where Slyne Head is Where smart shoppers shop Where snot runs, having contracted bug? Liberty pl Where the NEAR space prob Where the Nobel Peace Pri Where the North Slope slo Where the Northern Lights Where the nuevo sol is sp Where the Ob and Indus fl Where the outboard motor Where the owl and the pus Where the Paran Where the patella is Where the Peacock Throne Where the Pok Where the President went Where the President works Where the Raptors play Where the Reds and the Br Where the Reuss River ori Where the Rhone and the SWhere the right word is, Where the Riksdag meets Where the Ringling Brothe Where the robed are rubbe Where the Rub' al-Khali i Where the Sa Where the Salmon River ri Where the San Andreas Fau Where the sea meets the shore Where the Seine flows Where the Senegal River b Where the shilling is mon Where the show must go on Where the smart set sat [Where the so-called "Roof Where the stars might be Where the Storting meets Where the Storting parlia Where the Storting sits Where the striker stands for more pay Where the Styx flows Where the successful go Where the Tagus flows Where the Tajo and Ebro f Where the Talmud is studi Where the Tombigbee flows Where the top begins to g Where the traitorous Vidk Where the U. Where to find teachers an Where to find the colors Where to find the diving Where to find the heading Where to find the Major AWhere to find the Mercury Where to find the origins of all foolish racists in Canada and America! : Where to find Washington Where to find whisky shots Where to find work? Where to get a drink with vermouth, overlooking yard setting Where to get a fast buck? commi Where to get a Pisa pizza Where to get a shiny body Where to get a taxi Where to get better meal? Where Shah Jahan is entom Where Shannon Miller won Where sharks are in their Where sharks prowl Where sheep graze Where Sherlock Holmes "di Where shingles go Where ships come in Where ships dock Where ships go Where ships may be refitted to cut off three feet Where shootings occur Where shopping carts are Where shorts may be manuf Where Shoshone Falls fall Where should I put the ball for kick-off? Where shrimp take a dip Where Sicilians are provided with one motive Where Sikkim is Where silence reigns? Where to find monks with purpose Where to find Nancy Where to find Pennsylvani Where to find pitchers? Where to find porters Where to find some soluti Where to find stalactites Where to find sweaters?We were enjoying the stops in the different ports and the time we got to relax at the pool with some drinks.At one of our ports, we decided to be adventurous and check out one of the nude beaches that we had heard some of the passengers talking about.

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