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Got a couple friends out this way but would love to make more! The details are below: What: NEPA Furs Meet #2Where: Ricketts Glen State Park, 695 State Route 487, Benton, PA 17814 (Pavilion #2)When: Saturday May 20th, 2016* (11 AM - 3 PM) Details: The second meet-up of Northeast PA furries! I live in the Springfield/Clifton Heights area of PA.

For the time being I dont have a lot of free time because I'm currently commuting 50 miles to work and the same distance back and I get two days off a week, but either one of those off days usually works for me! This is a get-together event that will allow locals to meet others and get to know one anther! By the end of March my current roomate will be departing, and my finished basement will be available to rent.

Where: Catasauqua Park (501 American Street, Catasauqua, PA 18032) (Near Allentown, PA) This will be our first planned picnic of 2017 and our 4th picnic overall.

We had 3 events last year which were all successful with 10-20 furs attending each one.

This is a place where you can post a gathering that you think might interest other like-minded people, and see who shows up. We have discussion boards where you can chat about what is going on, post suggestions and ideas for meetups, and let others know where gatherings are happening.

Want to get a group together to see the latest (furry) movie? Want to throw a party at your place, but don't know how to contact others in the area? This is your chance to discuss ideas for meetups and other miscellaneous topics.

Please list what you are bringing though so we can plan for it. This is your opportunity to get involved and share your unique game with the convention and showcase your talents for it's attendees.

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So if you have an idea or a game that you would like to share during the convention, please go to the Anthrocon Website, click the "Got an Idea? " link in the left menu bar and fill out the Google Document that it links to. I just recently moved to the Lancaster area, hoping to perhaps connect with anyone local or reasonable driving distance away.If you would like to contribute to the operating cost of the Meetup Group, you may do so at the link below:https://secure.meetup.com/SFBay Area Furs/contribute/If you do want to join, just click on the 'Join Us' button below.Please note that your application is subject to approval by the 'Bay Area Furries Meetup Group' Administrators.Our dealers application form is up, and will remain open until Midnight on May, 31.Read carefully, fill out the form completely, and direct any questions to [email protected], thank you! Our application form is up, and will remain open until May, 31.

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