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Emotional and spiritual intimacy should be saved for married couples, yet we throw them away every time we date someone in the hope that they will love us. Ashley is very active in her church and is always willing to lend a helping hand to others. After she breaks up with a guy, she immediately begins looking for another one.

She was telling me one day how she was tired of being with horrible guys.

Society today equates love and relationships with dating; we have been programmed to have a desire to love and be loved.

People today express love and interest through dating and asking others out.

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And why is it weirder in the context of the Church?

Traditionally, the Church has offered two schools of thought on dating: “It did not exist in biblical times and therefore should not be practiced now,” and “Everything in dating is acceptable as long as you do not have sex.” But both of these fall short.

Anything done out of boredom does not imply a desire to love someone else, but a desire to remove the boredom by using the other person.

Graham picks Brittany up, and they are hanging out in her room talking before they leave. He stares in the mirror, saying, “Be cool, man—this is ridiculous.” Finally he leaves the bathroom and, as he walks out, realizes he didn’t flush the toilet or turn on the faucet to cover for his nervousness.

He finally excuses himself and goes to the restroom to calm down.

You may be bored and want to date someone because you have nothing better to do.

The person you are on the date with may already be planning the wedding.

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