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If you're not on the pill, then a call to the doctor is also in order to test for the above conditions.

In addition to the off-color, does your vgina also itch, hurt, or smell bad? It could be gonorrhea, chlamydia, or a pelvic infection.

If the bloody discharge is minimal and an isolated incident, don't worry about it; it's likely just menstrual spotting.

If it's persistent, visit your gynecologist so she can talk to you about other birth control options, and also screen you for polyps, fibroids, cervical inflammation, and infection.

If not, you're probably in the clear—still, if it looks quite different than usual, play it safe and book an appointment.

And FYI, the color you see on your underwear is not necessarily the color of your discharge, because it gets oxidized and discolored by the air.

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Spotting between periods is very common, especially when you're on birth control.Heads up: Liquidy discharge might indicate a herpes infection, caused by open sores inside your vagina.You might also feel vague discomfort, and notice more discharge than usual. Since fungus likes warm, dark, moist environments, wearing cotton underwear and changing when you get too sweaty can help stave them off.If you're prone yeast infections, avoid wearing synthetic tights and leggings (stick to cotton or wool blends instead), working out without showering after, and leaving a damp bathing suit on for hours.

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