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More than willing to travel for good tough but sane submission wrestling. we have met on mats many times and its always been a great tussle. 11/05/18 After a long gap, in which we kept missing each other, we snatched a quick hour on the mats. 15/08/16 Impromptu tussle with this "little" powerhouse today! We have been wrestling for more years than i care to remember! Good imagination in a match; looks hot in gear; superb host.

We had agreed to meet despite a big weight difference. We kind of opened the "London roll" meeting by being the first wrestlers on the mat. Nice strong counter attacks despite the weight difference. Despite the considerable weight difference,this wrestler just keeps on coming back for more. Despite weight difference we had a great set to on the mats.

A wily old fighter with a startling array of sly moves and the strength and energy to go on using them for three hours. 27/04/18 We had been chatting for years and at last had the opportunity to lock up! This "wee" guy is strong, tough and certainly no pushover. He is a perfect gentleman, on and off the mats, but he wrestles to win and u better bring ur best game, or he'll destroy u. If I ever get back to the UK, he's at the top of my list. Met this big man few years back when I had mats in my apartment in London. 14/04/18 The two subs I got off this awesome wrestler I had to cheat to achieve (what, you cheat, I hear you cry! The multiple submission taken from me speak of the strength, skill, speed and safe aggression of this superb grappler. Had two or three sessions with him, and in each he gave 100%. As a person he is very funny, sociable guy who wants to wrestle everyone in the room. But it certainly works (He was constantly on the mats, in fact possibly spent more time on them than anyone else present & there were some young guns at the meet) He was first person who ever challenged me to a wrestling match & I still remember the excitement I felt that day 10 years ago when I received it. BUT this guy has developed his skills since we last met up and is a real monster on the mats. I REALLY look forward to facing him again soon for a longer session. I just hope that I get the chance of a longer 1on1 tussle with him soon. Finally met "Dadwrestle" on his own place and we had some great matches. I can only say you would be mad to miss your chance of locking up with this guy! Great wrestler, took on the bigger man and made me work VERY hard! haha After a long time chatting, we at last met today! He respects limits and adapts so that even small guys like can have good have fun without the risk of injury. After many years of chatting we hit the mats (again) last night! He has a great physique, is skilled, fast, strong safe and sane.

If you get trapped between his legs, get ready to tap! This meet certainly made my overnight stay in Leeds worthwhile!! Yes, it's all true what the guys say about him – he's formidable. Quiet, determined, coming back for more over and over. We had one of the best wrestling experiences of my life. A really nice guy to have a chat with off the mats. He might be slim, but hes tough, resistant and fights back. 13/05/17 Another great tussle with this strong, tough wrestler! Superb physique, unafraid to step on to the mats with a wrestler way out of his weight class, this guy is one feisty, tough, strong grappler. He's strong, more agile than he looks and a great wrestler who had a good counter defence for most of my moves and holds. He is a skilled strong and agile heavyweight who can hold his own against the best of them. I was only too disappointed that I only got one session with him. Safe and sane, he was good to chat with off the mats. Had a very challenging but very enjoyable submission match. except perhaps his sneaky resumption of the match when you think you're getting up to set up the next bout... I have wrestled with dadwrestle a number of times and all of them have been good fun with technical skills and ability used rather than his sheer size.

Its sometimes quite hard to convince a lighter guy to wrestle. He wasn't going to let me win simply because I was the bigger wrestler! Subs on both sides, and some good body punches exchanged.

10/12/17 NO IDEA why I havent written a recommendation for this wrestler before! Don't miss out on this guy, he's safe, sane and great fun. Don’t miss a chance to get a good roll in and I’m looking forward to our next match!

27/04/18 Due to the considerable weight difference we settled for a scissor fight! He pretty much wiped the floor with me and I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute. He has considerable upper body strength which he puts to good use. One of the most enjoyable mat sessions I have experienced in years. I had long wanted to face this wrestler on the mats! Dont undersetimate his strength either...can handle himself well. I was impressed by his fitness & stamina & asked him about his regime, it is unorthodox … If you don't like coming to the meets & your fed up with people wasting your time with the usual lame excuses & cancellations , or a foreign visitor with limited time, want a safe, sane, genuine submission bout with a heavyweight opponent c/w heel tendencies, give him a shout. April 2013- Well this is one of the great Characters of British Wrestling, big strong skilled , a heel from central casting(But safe & sane) He used to be called Mauler Paul which perfectly describes his wrestling style & I think he should still use that name ( its just so HIM!! 2/5/15 Its been YEARS since I was able to face up to this heavyweight on the mats! More aggressive than he appears outside the match, but as much as you need to enjoy a real fight with strength and pressure...always safe. Most enjoyable wrestle; good company off the mats, too. He might have been lighter than me, but this wrestler is strong, determined and much more skilled than he admits! My high respect for this highly experienced wrestler before our meeting was more than justified. We fought hard for an hour or two and I was well and truly taught a lesson! this guy is not to be missed by those looking for a good, safe but competitive heavyweight challenge1 A delight to meet1 I couldn't have asked for a more gracious opponent for my very first match.

He was an eager opponent, who kept coming back for more! With more experience he will become a formidable wrestler. Dadwrestle is one of my first opponents when i started my fighting "career". 23/6/18 Had the pleasure of a long awaited rematch with this skilled grappler!

As always a pleasure to wrestle with and to talk to. Since our last meeting he has piled on the skill and expertise!! He's a safe, strong heavyweight who is a delight to wrestle! June 2014, three great choke submissions out of me! As predicted, this wrestler is fast gaining in skill and strength!

What a great wrestler he is: big, strong and skilled. I dont think I have enjoyed a submission bout so much in a long time.

This is one top class, trained wrestler, ready to take the bout to whatever level you want. Although I have to admit, I came out in second place, I cant wait for Round 3!!!! He's totally reliable time wise, and a great guy on and off the mats. Don't underestimate this "rookie"; given some more experience he will be a real challenge! Years since I took on this star of the UK wrestling world! Fast, strong, skilled, he a tough guy to shift on the mats! I met this guy for my very first wrestle, strong, determined, safe and generous wrestler, not to mention very patient since I had no experience at all. My comments are in continuation with most recommandations addressed to Dadwrestle, being very fast and flexible considering his weight and his age (not that younger myself, lol), the way he can wrestle with you with care, energy and humour.

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