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To get to this freedom though, you have to be really good at staying out of the “one up” game. On days where my hair doesn’t cooperate and looks more like a mullet than a “style,” my ratty clothes continue carrying on the front, doubly making sure to throw people off my trail… And while some minimalists prefer having only the BEST items around since they’ve gotten rid of everything else, I am decidedly not one of those types as again evidence of my deteriorating wardrobe. At the very least you can appreciate it for cost us ,200 to live here (!!! Do we randomly grow a stem somewhere and poke a hole? Reply You see that lint in the dryer after you dry your clothes? My pair from them is still in great condition, while socks I have bought more recently are already dying.

@Chris @ Duke of Dollars – I’m TOTALLY down for buying more expensive clothes that last longer, I just rarely go out shopping and so far haven’t found the *perfect* clothes to just keep re-ordering online or else I’d do that in a heartbeat!Reply I’m like you and my clothes are a giveaway that I mustn’t have a dime to my name.Unlike you though, it’s not a conscious effort on my part.” Planning on staying in the same house forever, which is about average for our area, in the grand scheme of our current income our house payment is about 10% of total income, so its a much more modest house than most people with our income would live in, as average is about 3X as much.Reply We buy our clothes from local thrift stores (or Poshmark), buy 2nd hand on Craigslist, sell on Craigslist, our cars are at least 9 years old (all are Fords).

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