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I believe that when you teach firm procedures and expectations your students CAN work independently on any tasks.

The key is to keep the students engaged at all times.

And guess what is the best part of the Choice Boards?

These Choice Boards are completely EDITABLE for any teacher and grade level use.

Choice Challenges are engaging early finishers that aren't just busy work.

In my classroom I have organized an area where students can find supplies for their Choice Board activities and Choice Challenges.

Students should have something to do at every moment.

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It's an area where they will not distract my small group lesson or the students working independently on tasks at their seat.

The Choice Board foldable is great for organization and tracking student completion.

I clearly understand that when teaching 7 years olds, stations may not ever run smoothly.

Expecting young minds to work independently on task can be challenging for teachers and can cause stress when trying to decide how to manage small group instruction and what the other students will be doing at the same time.

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