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To see all the videos in the series, visit the following page: A Great Big Cuddle. If you like funny books, this could be a book you’ll really enjoy.

You can find out more at: I’ve also made some videos telling you all about it: Hello again.

The poems are all taken from my books and this series of performances was produced by my son Joe. Please please please play or download my videos from this site only.

These are the only videos officially sanctioned by me as being suitable for children.

A firm called Abbey Media put out audio versions (performed by me) of: Quick Let’s Get Out of Here Hairy Tales and Nursery Crimes Sonsense Nongs (me singing silly songs accompanied by Peter Gosling who once played ‘Captain Keyboards’ on TV – great fun for car journeys! The MA in Children’s Literature and/or Children’s Literature and Writing at Birkbeck, University of London is coming along great.

) I am reading quite a few poems at the Poetry Archive. My long term aim is to put my articles from newspapers and journals, along with my thoughts and ideas on the blogspot and make this website more school – and child – friendly. I’m working at the Oxford Story Museum as a Curator, researching stories so that the Museum can have a store of stories to draw on, a group of stories to show in the museum and some ‘talk’ around stories so that the Museum has got ideas about how best to present stories to the public. We are on our second year now so in all there are nearly 30 students going through. My two most recent books are books of poems: ‘Even My Ears Are Smiling’ illustrated by Babette Cole published by Bloomsbury and a reprint of my ‘Scrapbooks’ under the title now of ‘Bananas in my Ears’ illustrated by Quentin Blake published by Walker. Books coming out this year are ‘Bob the Bursting Bear’ illustrated by Tony Ross, published by Andersen Press.

If you go to You Tube to download or play videos, I can take no responsibility for the material you or the children in your care watch.

I have discovered that the best way for me to pass on latest news to adults is via facebook, twitter and a blog.

Here’s the URL for the blogspot: Before 2011 comes to an end, here’s some news of what I’ve been doing and what’s coming up. I’ve been working with the Homemade Orchestra (Tim Whitehead, Colin Riley and Liam Noble) on a jazz, poetry, film and science collaboration based on my book ‘Centrally Heated Knickers’. I have a chapter in this book, ‘Stop What You’re Doing and Read This! ) that a book I’ve done called ‘Happy Harry’s Cafe’ illustrated by Richard Holland is coming out later in 2012 published by Walker in the UK and Candlewick in the US. The National Union of Teachers has a campaign going on ‘Reading for Pleasure’ which includes its website, a booklet, and a rolling conference season.

Alan Gibbons, author and organiser of the Campaign for the Book is behind most of this and I’m delighted to be part of it. Please also see the Reading Revolution site where there is a 20-point plan for you to use and adapt if you want to make your school a book-loving school: 8/.

You Tube is an ‘open’ site, which means that the videos belong to anyone and everyone.

Anyone can take them and do what they want with them. We’ve reached a massively important moment in education and this cannot be underestimated.

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