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Google® offers a free keyword tool and provides search statistics for each word or phrase.It can be found at: Tool External? After you identify a good working list of keywords, you need to add them within the content of your site as appropriately as possible.Then focus on developing a list of variations of those words, using common typos.There are tools on the Web to help you identify the right keywords - the keywords that consumers are using to find businesses and products like yours.Consumers now turn to the Internet to search for what they need, both to buy locally and to buy online.

Our misfuelling engineers use the latest techniques and equipment to help ensure that there is no damage or further damage to your petrol or diesel cars engine and fuel system.Increasing your website visibility on the Internet helps drive more traffic to your business, prompts more inquiries for your goods and services, increases leads, and potentially generates more sales.To understand search engine marketing, you first need to understand how things once worked with the traditional Yellow Pages®.A site needs to have searchable keywords woven in a natural way throughout its content in order to be found. Search engines use "spiders" to read through the contents of websites.Spiders go out and "crawl" the Internet by following links, indexing Web pages as they go.

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