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Watching those two friends gently showering each other was so incredibly hot! And considered the monster that bounces out of Eker’s pants is it really any wonder? It doesn’t take long for things to heat up as Asher starts sucking on Gibson’s perfectly shaped dick before mounting his bubble butt for a hard ride. My roomies and I have spent the last couple days bent over some chair or crawling around the apartment. Don’t get us wrong; we love muscle ass, hairy ass, twink ass – you know by now that we love all kinds of guys.

Needless to say, Tamir doesn’t waste a second in getting his lips around that handsome ramrod; but initial appearances can be deceptive, and when his mate decides to add to the experience by smearing the cake all over his throbbing salami, you quickly realise that director, John Smith, has been toying with us fans all along. But I have to admit, we see and feel the appeal; there’s something about penetrating a hard muscle ass that works a huge load out of our cocks. This week, we have two of the industry’s most well known gay for pay guys and they’re here to make a little more cash. Caruso asked Darin and Aspen why they keep coming back and both said it’s because the pay is so good.

It doesn’t often occur to them until they arrive that they will be slopping burgers and fries at some dirty fast food joint just for barely enough money to pay their rent and buy some store brand mac ‘n cheese or microwave burritos with the leftover.

Needless to say, it also seems to slip their mind that they will need to be doing all of this sober.

Justin pulls out his huge dick and feeds it to the Slutty Professor before bending him over and eating his ass. Regardless of their sexual nature, both guys are so experienced in gay sex that they both know how to help a buddy out!

His hole felt really good, and I do believe that he might be one of my new favorite residents.It took him some time to digest my proposition but I guess he needed money really badly. A slice of delicious chocolate cake is always a pleasure, of course – but when it’s up against the prospect of hard cock then there’s every good chance that it’s gonna seem second-best. Many of you love to watch us dick-down jacked muscle guys.I didn’t want to rush this encounter, I wanted to savor it. As such, we shouldn’t really be too surprised that the horny duo of Joel Tamir and Beno Eker appear to abandon the prospect of food – albeit as scrumptious as a double chocolate-layered gateau – so that they can put all their efforts into consuming each other’s meaty, uncut schlongs! ” responds Gibson, as they both make their way indoors. So, here’s a perfect bearded and tatted muscle man for your viewing pleasure.We recommend powering the Soil Moisture Sensor with between 3.3V - 5V.Please note that the analog value returned will vary depending on what voltage is provided for the sensor.

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