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Except theirs is not a T-Shirt stitched into a Blazer or distinct daily sets of argyle shoelaces. Jeff, founder of an Air Bn B meets Snapchat for seniors, related his experience.

“The first time I met Claire I was like: ok, this girl is an 8.5 and I haven’t seen anything above a 6 in months. We’ve gone hiking, hit Napa, I’ve casually exposed my eight pack. Then I hear about the other guys she’s dated, and it clicks.

When she married Edward, Kelly was determined to put her wild past behind her. He grew up in a posh English family and dated “nice” girls.

Kelly, with her lush figure, working-class background, and highly sexed nature does not fit that description.

“Vivian, what you’re saying right now doesn’t even make sense.” “SF guys,” Vivian continued, ignoring her friend, “They aren’t guys trying to .” Sarah literally couldn’t move from her Aeron chair on 6th avenue. Slowly, Sarah’s tone changed from skepticism to one of hope and possibility. Vivian pulled forward a few feet, leaving her car at a 30 degree angle, tires facing into the downhill street and helped out: “This is what we’ve been training for our entire lives.” There is a new model being defined for females in San Francisco, and unlike any of the perpetually pivoting projects San Francisco calls businesses, a female of this breed is extremely focused, with well-defined goals and objectives.

She took a moment to digest all the information her friend had just relayed to her and attempted to play it back: “Okay. Her plan is simple: aggressively and exclusively seek out, seduce, and go home with the creators of technology startups. But The Founder Hounder is more than any regular groupie and a far cry from the PR / investor relations girl of New York.

So I start rattling off metrics: user growth, repeat visitors, viral coefficients.

And, like the entrepreneurs they attack, Founder Hounders have all read Steve Jobs’ biography and engineered their own deliberate personal quirk.

So a girl like me, who has to go to Soul Cycle 6x a week to even hope to attract some in New York, could be the one picking and choosing from any number of potential multi-millionaires in San Fran? She is well-educated, with a background in finance or strategy consulting.

And it is this deep analytical training that has enabled her to ruthlessly assess herself and optimize her outcome.

Entrepreneurs are famous for treating girls like distractions, chores they’d rather be able to avoid all together, like eating and sleeping.

But good Founder Hounders have become jewels, modern day muses.

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