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It solves the 1/2 bottle leftover problem for me and my husband.If the wine is young, I still aerate with a Vinturi as I pour it into the Savino.When I asked my wife why she put a glass of wine in the refrigerator she responded, "I wanted to preserve it for later." And so began my journey to bring her Savino."The Tyranny of the 750" As the years went by I often found myself conflicted when I wanted a glass of wine.This is for those times when it will be a couple of days between glasses, it is easy to clean, if you always finish the bottle in one sitting you probably wont need this, if not then it will end up saving both money and wine.The Savino wine Saver Carafe is designed to preserve your wine for several days after you open your bottle of wine.We then package all of this beauty and function into a gorgeous retail package so the consumer has a great experience from the very beginning.Standard shipping rates apply for orders shipped to the contiguous 48 US states. How does Savino's float actually keep the O2 from affecting the wine since it does not proivide an airtight seal?

As you pour another glass, the level of the float automatically adjusts to maintain freshness.

Savino started with a simple premise great products begin with a great experience.

Savino centers its experience on a product that is effective, elegant and easy-to-use.

Don't use an aerator while pouring into the Savino.

It adds oxygen contact to the wine and promotes oxidation which is against the purpose of the Savino in preserving the wine.

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