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I get cold very easily and am grateful for the sweaters I have to keep me warm.

The bathing suit is one of the most useless articles of clothing ever invented by humanity. Its is to cover up the body parts that American culture (and other cultures) has deemed obscene: butts, genitals and FEMALE nipples. S., the general consensus seems to be: remove bathing suits and all hell will break loose.But how many people actually shower first at American public pools?According to 2012 survey by the Water Quality and Health Council, only 32% of American adults said they always shower first, and many Americans — 44% — don’t even think a pre-swim shower is necessary.And due to America’s weird hang-ups about nudity, how many of that 32% are showering and still entering the pool with germs attached? In fact it’s a result of impurities from people’s bodies mixing with chlorine in the water.We probably have the dirtiest public pools of any developed country. This creates chloramines, which give off that irritating odor.

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