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Since emails can be sometimes taken the wrong way, I feel like it would be sometimes easier to just add an emoticon versus spending time trying to word something perfectly so that the recipient gets my meaning. I’ve seen them used in professional emails from all sorts of people, and it’s never made me think, “eeeewww, I used to think you were classy and professional, but in fact you appear to be an adolescent rube.” That assumes, of course, that the person isn’t using five of them, or using them in every communication, or accompanying them with a message written in pink font or comic sans, or so forth.

But I usually stop myself unless I know the person quite well and/or they have used them in an email to me. (And the winking ones have always felt vaguely lecherous to me, but that might just be me.) And I think a lot of people use them the way you describe — to ensure that a message isn’t read with the wrong tone.

One of the most happening things about free animated smileys is that they help in reflecting your mood to others.

One can simply select sad ones, happy ones, goofy and mad ones.

It was started out as a simple smiley face, but now it has been evolved into animated smiley.

If you compare them it would be like comparing sticky smiley that you paste on walls and developing a complete animated cartoon.

Not only can you enjoy these free emoticons without any obligation or cost, you can also use them conveniently across various platforms including email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and all others.

Writing text isn't enough in today's scenario, you need to add a smiley to enlighten it up.

It feels delightful when a single smiley convey your feelings to others.

One can easily get most popular smiley at our site as we are dedicated to provide you with free smileys.

Nowadays, the way people communicate to each other is quite different in comparison with the previous times.

You must have noticed that in the introduction of the emails, social networking sites and texting, there is minimal face to face interaction.

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