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So going back to the coupon site and looking at other nearby pharmacies the coupon can get you with no insurance the medication for as low as .81, therefore here I am walking out of CVS once again to get my medication elsewhere (this seems to be happening frequently due to price, availability and errors) I went to the Medicine Shoppe a few blocks away, they don’t use the coupons but their price for this medication without insurance is (a lot less then 1 after the coupon!

) I asked the Pharmacist how the same exact medication could be 0 at one retail pharmacy and at another blocks away, he responded “I worked for Eckerds and when CVS took over Eckerds some 10 years ago I left because of reasons such as this.” Well to this I would like to say that we were with Eckerds when CVS took over and due to the horrible experiences like this through CVS we too will be leaving!

I can’t use my insurance it’s for my cat but I would be more than happy to pay my portion AND the insurances portion so CVS still gets the .73.

I’m told it doesn’t work that way because the insurance gets an extra discount.

They have been extremely rude at times not only to me but other customers that frequent the CVS at this location. Do you know how fortunate you all are with this AWESOME team you have at this store, Liberty SC? Sometimes theyre over whelmed because they have a long line but they handle it so well!! I’ve been to many CV’S but this store takes the lead, first place, the rock, their AWESOME!!The CVS corporate office is located in Woonsocket, RI. According to employee’s they can’t give you money that was sent to you by someone through this machine. There’s even a bigger problem, there is NO SIGN on the machine telling a customer that they can’t receive money.Question 1: What is the phone number for CVS Caremark? Therefore, if you go and process your request to receive your money and they won’t dispense it to you at the register, it creates hours of calling money gram, getting the manager at the store to assist in this matter is virtually impossible.If there is a problem which is rare, they put a sign on the machine and explain the situation.Why do the customers that live around the CVS at 15th Street North have to be inconvenience because the employee’s of this store refuse to accommodate them and do their job?

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