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Removal of water vapor is accomplished by the employment of materials with hydroscopic properties that isolate the sample gas from the drying media.

This prevents the sample gas composition from being altered by interaction with the drying media as well as providing a reduced volume within the drying pathway.

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Heat is derived by assessment of the exchange of oxygen for carbon dioxide that occurs during the metabolic process.

CLAMS-HC does not require any modification to your standard animal cage.

Special lid assemblies provide all of the required connections to Columbus Instruments' leading Oxymax open circuit indirect calorimeter as well as all CLAMS-HC sub-systems.

It is the measurement of mass, not volume, that allows Oxymax to be employed under various atmospheric conditions without the need to account for environmental pressure or temperature. Kozak and Muthu Periasamy The Journal of Biological Chemistry, March 30, 2015, doi: 10.1074/jbc.

The measurement of oxygen may be performed by these technologies supported by Oxymax: Paramagnetic O Sensor - [high speed] Provides full 0-100% range and high speed response Carbon Dioxide - is sensed by single beam non-dispersive IR (NDIR). 9 4216-4226 Activation of AMPKα2 in adipocytes is essential for nicotine-induced insulin resistance in vivo Yue Wu, Ping Song, Wencheng Zhang, Junhui Liu, Xiaoyan Dai, Zhaoyu Liu, Qiulun Lu, Changhan Ouyang, Zhonglin Xie, Zhengxing Zhao, Xiaozhen Zhuo, Benoit Viollet, Marc Foretz, Jiliang Wu, Zuyi Yuan & Ming-Hui Zou Nature Medicine (2015), doi:10.1038/nm.3826 Uncoupling Protein 1 and Sarcolipin Are Required to Maintain Optimal Thermogenesis and Loss of Both Systems Compromises Survival of Mice Under Cold Stress Leslie A. M115.637603 Coordination of the transcriptome and metabolome by the circadian clock Kristin L.

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